Understanding Acupuncture for Anxiety

Understanding Acupuncture for Anxiety

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Anxiety is a widespread mental condition that more than 18 percent of American’s suffer from. It’s no secret that college students are among the top-rated section of anxious individuals, as going to school and the piling homework can lead to stress and worrisome behaviors. While there are medications for anxiety, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those medications are healthy for the body. Up until recently, harmful pharmaceuticals were the only approach to healing mental conditions. Now, acupuncture for anxiety is becoming incredibly popular. Here’s how it works.  

How to Use Acupuncture for Anxiety  

First, it’s best to get a better understanding for what acupuncture is and how it interacts within the body. As an ancient form of Chinese medicine, acupuncture helps to restore the flow of energy to all of the points in the body. There are nine acupressure points called the Three Mile Point, Outer Gate, Inner Gate, Great Rushing, Will’s Chamber, Shoulder Well, Union Valley, Grandfather-Grandson, and Central Treasury.  

These points pertain to a specific area where the energy is different. Technically, there are over 20,000 points within the body, but these nine are commonly used. Additionally, it’s important to note that each person is unique in their approach to acupuncture. One individual may suffer from depression, while another will suffer from back pain. Whatever the personal story, the acupuncturist will pinpoint the areas where that type of energy is connected to those emotional and physical aches. Each pressure point is related to an organ, and each organ relates to an emotion, hence, how the acupuncturist decides where the small, thin needles are placed. 

In regards to anxiety, acupuncture boosts energy, calms nerves, and relaxes patients with high levels of stress. With this particular procedure, patients have been found to sleep better, gain energy, loosen their hold on mood changes, and relax. If you’re suffering from anxiety, then call Perfect Union of Body & Mind today. We’re here to help our patients achieve inner peace and natural healing using acupuncture for anxiety. Life doesn’t have to be a constant worry. Instead, enjoy your time to be alive by calling us today at 561-614-2259.