Our Patients’ Personal Successes

Each patient team at Perfect Union strives to deliver the best-possible treatment to each individual. These are just a few of our success stories…


At one time or another Dr. Yan Ping has treated all members of my family for a variety of ailments including back pain, a torn ACL, a herniated disc, ear and sinus infections, and peri-menopausal issues. She is a talented, extremely intuitive and gifted doctor, who I would recommend to anyone of any age.”


Perfect Union is an unmatched clinic for preventive medicine and for healing. For the past eight years I have marveled at Yan Ping’s devotion to her vision: bringing together evolving Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine in harmony. Yan Ping visits China every summer to learn the newest and best remedies for her patients in Boca Raton, Florida.”


My wife and daughter see Dr. Xu and her staff regularly. Her use of acupuncture, manual therapy and herbal remedies have been very useful in overcoming their PMS, mood swings, and adrenal stress. Thanks to Dr. Xu my home is a PMS-free zone!!! I am pleased to recommend Dr. Xu…she is exceptional.”


I was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s disease. I found an excellent neurologist but western medicine was of limited help. In fact everything you read about Parkinson’s from this perspective is doom and gloom (i.e., progressive and degenerative) offering little or no hope. Needless to say my spirits were down. As I read more, I learned that eastern medicine takes a uniquely different approach in treating this

Dr. Dan

In 2001, I was referred to Dr. Yan Ping Xu for a critical previous injury. I’ve continued with her Preventable Treatment Program ever since. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to be with Dr. Yan Ping and her highly qualified staff in the beautiful, calm, and healing surroundings. Thank you for your knowledge and support with my health. I absolutely feel and move so much better than I did 20 years ago.”


All the specialist doctors in nephrology could not do in five years what Dr. Yang Ping Xu achieved in less than one. She is a true testament to being the savior of my body and soul.”


My family has been seeing Dr. Yan Ping for more than six years. I see Yan Ping biweekly for regular maintenance of good health, or for exercise-induced soreness, or a weakened immune system, and now for premenopausal symptoms. I take all 3 of our children to Yan Ping on a regular basis. She has a gift of relating to children. They all beg to come see her. Our 11-year-old even does the acupuncture. She is a true medical intuitive. Her diagnostic skills with me, my husband and our three children have improved our already good health and taught us a lot of about our mind/body awareness and good health care. We recommend her highly.”


I met Yan Ping in January 2009 through a recommendation of a friend. I had been in Florida visiting my family for the Holidays and after my first visit with Yan Ping decided to extend my stay in Florida to be able to continue working with her. At the first appointment Yan Ping checked my pulse, my tongue, asked about my diet and said I was suffering from a broken heart. I had no idea and thought I was just stressed from losing my job and feeling the pain of my pulled hamstring. Yan Ping nursed me back to health with visits twice a week. Before long my periods were regular, I was gaining strength, and was able to complete a half marathon by the end of January. I am back in NJ but still go to see Yan Pin while I’m in Florida for my “tune ups.” Every visit is different and her wisdom has helped me grow and become a better and stronger person. I feel alive and happy every day and always hear Yan Ping’s words in my ears. I cannot thank her enough for the work she has done and most of all for her friendship.”


Cheryl came to Dr. Xu when her 14-month-old old son was really suffering, banging his head against the wall and sweating profusely. Using Chinese medicine techniques, Dr. Xu was quickly able to diagnose the problem and save the boy’s life. Click here to learn more.