Benefits of Massage Therapy for Back Pain in Boca Raton

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Back Pain in Boca Raton

a woman's back with two hands massaging it

Are you experiencing severe back pain? Does it hurt to sit down? Does it hurt to stand up? Whatever the case may be, it’s safe to say that you’re probably suffering from a sedentary lifestyle or an injury. Our backs are one of the most important elements of our body. It’s what keeps us upright, standing tall, and able to move freely. When our backs are suffering, it can make performing even the simplest tasks a chore. Fortunately, there are ways to mend back pain without getting pharmaceuticals or surgery involved. At Perfect Union of Body & Mind, we work with our patients to ensure that we’re meeting their needs using massage therapy for back pain in Boca Raton. If you’re curious to know how massages can assist, keep reading!  

Increase Blood Flow with Massage Therapy in Boca Raton  

The first reason we’d like to highlight is increased blood flow. When you’re having a massage, you’re creating better circulation. That circulation then allows the blood to move more freely as the therapist removes any blocks. This is beneficial for back pain, as our aches often come from not enough movement. The sedentary life of an office job or a computer job can leave our bodies tense and painful. 

Release Tension 

The second reason to have a massage is to release tension. Our backs and shoulders hold most of our stress during the day. When we tense up, we pull our shoulders to our ears unknowingly. Staying in this position for long periods of time can create discomfort and even aches. When you’re receiving a massage, you’re allowing the masseuse to let you rest, unwind, and relax your muscles for a change!  

Remove the Pressure Points 

We’ve all had a pain in our backs and gone to touch that spot. Sometimes, we find that there are knots there that when pressed upon, bring serious hurt. Those knots are pieces of tissue that have become very tense. Never fear, however, as a massage therapist can work on those knots to remove them. After a while, you may experience knots again due to daily stress. It’s recommended that people have this appointment once a month or even once every two weeks.  

Increase Endorphins  

Another added benefit of massages is that they just feel good! The positive chemicals in our brains can’t get enough of massages, as they bring relaxation, pleasure, and happiness. Having a massage once a month can be a welcomed health and wellness appointment to any calendar. 

If you’re looking for a location specializing in massage therapy for back pain in Boca Raton, reach out to Perfect Union of Body & Mind today at 561-241-1922. When you’re in pain, our team is here to help. We practice a wide range of eastern and western health and wellness practices, guaranteed to aid you in pursuing a healthier and happier lifestyle!