The secret to great sleep—your spleen

The secret to great sleep—your spleen

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we study the flow of life energy in your body, called Chi. It’s often the imbalance of Chi energy in your spleen that’s the reason for your lack of sleep. Getting it back in balance is the key to healthy sleep. In fact, in TCM, the spleen is considered one of the most important organs because every organ is affected by spleen Chi energy. Weak spleen Chi disrupts digestion, bowel movements, metabolism, circulation, and so much more. Plus, your spleen is tied to your emotional and mental health. For example, do your worries and stresses tend to increase at night, preventing you from experiencing a calm, restful sleep? That’s a classic symptom of spleen Chi deficiency. Many emotional conditions stem from the spleen and how well it functions. When you revitalize your spleen Chi, you not only sleep better, but your mind and entire body feels great because your spleen controls harmony in your organs.

These herbs have been working for thousands of years to help people in China get really good sleep. Over 2,000 years ago, medical books show when people had trouble sleeping, they didn’t take dangerous sleep aids. They took Yi Fang. That’s because Chinese herbalists knew Yi Fang helps to restore vitality of the spleen! And when your spleen is back in balance—you get your best sleep ever.

The Chinese herbs in Yi Fang help put your Chi back in harmony so you can quiet a restless mind, fall asleep and stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. I’ve developed Restful Sleep using the original ancient Chinese Yi Fang formula. I go to China twice a year to personally select the herbs. Then I make sure the Chinese herbs are processed, purified, and sterilized to remove any toxins. This process is done here in the USA to control quality and purity. I also include calcium, magnesium, and potassium to help the herbs get into your body more efficiently—so the herbs can get to work even faster. Restful Sleep gives you the best of Chinese medicine, modernized and manufactured in America.

Stick with Restful Sleep for healthy Chi and good sleep

Remember, Restful Sleep is not a drug, so it won’t knock you out like other sleep aids.That’s not the way to experience genuine, healing sleep. But that doesn’t mean this natural sleep supplement won’t help you sleep better—starting the first night. Some people do. However, most of my patients need to take Restful Sleep for several days or weeks.

• Some find they sleep longer

• Others stop waking up during the night

• Some say worry and overthinking is less of a problem—and they fall asleep faster

• Many say they wake up feeling refreshed and alert regardless of how many hours they’ve slept

Plus, Restful Sleep is doing much more than helping you sleep. It’s getting your spleen Chi back in balance so you can FEEL better all over.

When it comes to your sleep, you never want to take it for granted. Sleep is essential for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Let me help ensure you get good, restorative sleep each and every night.

Here’s to great sleep every night,

Dr. Yan Ping Xu