Dr. Xu Featured in Boca Life as Medical Expert in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Dr. Xu Featured in Boca Life as Medical Expert in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

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Dr. Yan Ping Xu of Perfect Union was recently featured in Boca Life as a Medical Expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Treatment. As a well-respected Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Xu has caught the attention of medical professionals all over the globe. Primarily located in Boca Raton, FL, Dr. Xu offers her leading holistic healing services at Perfect Union of Body & Mind, along with Chinese Herbal Medicine treatments to help the body heal naturally.

What Does Dr. Xu Say in Boca Life About Traditional Chinese Medicine and Insomnia?

In the Boca Life article, Dr. Xu explains the philosophy on insomnia based off Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sleep is critical for optimal health, and the Chinese Medicine perspective places great emphasis on the need for a good night’s rest. Dr. Xu shares how crucial sleep truly is and why a deep slumber is such an important factor for proper brain function.

Effects of Insomnia

While there are a number of consequences from not being able to sleep, insomnia can lead to even more severe health complications like diabetes and obesity. Oppositely, a proper amount of sleep will kick the immune system into full gear and allows for the body to heal itself much faster.

Treatment for Insomnia

Unlike Western medicine that prominently uses medication to treat symptoms of conditions like insomnia, Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a different, natural, and holistic healing approach that targets the actual condition itself. In the Boca Life article, Dr. Xu explains how sleep can be a key to a successful, healthy future. Describing sleep as the “ideal medicine for your body and your mind,” she indicated that sleep is a necessary action to take in order to be your healthiest both physically and mentally. The body is able to treat itself in a number of ways with sleep, which will actually lead to greater brain power and creative enhancement. Not only this but sleep can be the answer for when you are feeling sick because the body will restore itself best with the rest! Similarly, if you don’t get enough rest, you place yourself at risk for illness since the immune system will be weakened. Dr. Xu explained how sleep can be a great way to heal the body naturally and that health is very dependent on the quality and quantity of sleep we get. When it comes to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are plenty of holistic healing methods that can target the actual condition itself versus only the apparent symptoms.

Chinese Medicine Focusing On Holistic Healing

With so many new medications being produced and Western medicine being as widespread as it is, many natural healing methods that could provide the same, if not better or greater, benefits gets swept under the rug. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the philosophy of holistic healing and allowing the body to recover by itself. From sleep to nutrition to exercise to therapeutic massage to acupuncture treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been effective in helping to improve quality of life.

Make Your Appointment with Dr. Xu at Perfect Union Today

When you are feeling ill, it can be critical to look at the whole picture for the best, most effective methods of treatment. Treating the symptoms will only keep the condition at bay, but when you target the actual condition itself with Traditional Chinese Medicine, you can find true relief. Dr. Xu extends her holistic healing services at Perfect Union of Body and Mind with the mission of helping each patient achieve a better sense of physical and mental wellbeing. Book your appointment today with Dr. Xu, one of the best medical experts for holistic healing in South Florida, by calling Perfect Union at 561-241-1922.