Is Acupuncture Treatment An Effective Alternative to Pain Medication?

Is Acupuncture Treatment An Effective Alternative to Pain Medication?

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Today, patients end up leaving with pain medication almost instantly. Not everyone is told that there are more effective, natural treatments that can be done instead of having to take pain medication. Even with some individuals knowing that there are alternatives, such as acupuncture treatment, there is still a lack of understanding about the holistic treatment method and most people fail to realize how effective these holistic treatments like acupuncture actually are.

Benefits of Acupuncture Therapy Over Pain Medication

When you compare acupuncture therapy to pain medication, the reality is that acupuncture is extremely beneficial and even more so than modern medicine.

Natural Healing from Acupuncture

While pain medication has shown to be harmful in the long run, acupuncture treatment promotes natural healing from the body. Acupuncture targets areas of the body that work to heal the body from the inside and out. If an ailment like pain could be treated naturally, then why would anybody want to risk turning to a man-made or chemically produced option that could pose harm?

Treats Variety of Conditions

Acupuncture therapy is extremely versatile because the holistic method can alleviate and treat several different conditions. From back pain to extremely severe menstrual cramps to autoimmune diseases to anxiety and more, acupuncture therapy has been shown as effective.

More Effective and Little to No Side Effects

Interestingly enough, it has been shown that acupuncture therapy is more effective in treating pain than the potent painkiller morphine. A study was published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine that revealed how out of 300 participants, there was a 92% rate for successful treatment with acupuncture while the success rate for morphine was behind with a 78% rate. It is important to remember that there are bothersome side effects of morphine and other prescription pain medication, such as nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. Acupuncture therapy, on the other hand, has been proven to have little to no side effects. Natural treatments like acupuncture can aid in detoxifying the body while pain medications introduce chemicals to the body and pose the risk of physical dependency and addiction.

Acupuncture Therapy at Perfect Union of Body & Mind

Perfect Union of Body & Mind is a holistic clinic with practitioners who are dedicated to helping each patient heal. With professionals practicing a combination of Eastern and Western therapies, Perfect Union of Body & Mind is the ideal center for natural, holistic remedies and based on the belief of treating the true underlying condition, not just the symptoms. Practitioners from Perfect Union like Dr. Yan Ping Xu have acupuncture treatment as their area of expertise. While all services can lead patients on the road to a better emotional, physical, and mental well-being, acupuncture therapy is a popular and effective treatment. At Perfect Union, you can trust in the welcoming environment and best types of treatment being practiced.