How Acupuncture Can Help with Weight Loss

How Acupuncture Can Help with Weight Loss

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Did you know that recent studies have shown acupuncture can indeed help with weight loss? Acupuncture is a traditional form of Chinese Medicine that is often associated with stress relief but can be used to treat weight loss and other conditions. With even just a few sessions mixed with traditional methods of weight loss, clients will watch as they shed the pounds.

Even with major health crazes taking the country by storm, the obesity epidemic in America simply isn’t going away. The Atkins diet has made a come back along with the paleo diet and endless diet pill companies. Most of these weight loss “solutions” are miserable. You aren’t allowed to eat your favorite foods for a month and once you stop, the weight just comes right back. Why not try a something that doesn’t just help you lose weight, but actually treats some of the underlying issues that cause weight gain, and sets you on a path to a healthier lifestyle? If this is the type of solution you are looking for, acupuncture could be for you!

How Does Weight Loss Acupuncture Work?

Emotional and hormonal imbalances throughout the body are one of the reasons many people experience excessive weight gain. Whether your spleen, liver, kidney, thyroid, etc., a skilled acupuncturist could target the problem areas for maximum results. Depending on where the weight gain is seen most, and what you tell the specialist about your lifestyle and habits, they may target a different area. Targeting the endocrine system (kidneys), addresses water retention and stimulates nerve and hormone balance. Targeting the thyroid will help with sugar and hormonal imbalances. Acupuncture can also reduce stress and anxiety, a cause of weight gain.

What to Expect

Everybody is different and will see results at different paces in different areas. Some people notice results very quickly whereas others may need multiple sessions before they see significant changes. Multiple studies have shown that individuals who pair acupuncture with a reasonable diet and exercise show higher rates of weight loss then those that do not receive acupuncture. The best part of acupuncture treatment for weight loss is there is not specific diet or things you can’t eat. Soreness and muscle spasms are common following acupuncture, but are normal and usually go away within a day or two. Additionally, any of the points used to help with weight loss also help treat other ailments like anxiety and depression.

Acupuncture is not meant to replace regular exercise and a proper diet. Best results are seen when treatments are paired with a reduced calorie diet and physical exercise.

Pairing Acupuncture and Nutrition Counseling

Healthy weight loss is a journey. One that goes quickest when multiple points of action are taken. Acupuncture on its own can help with losing weight, but to see greater results faster, consider pairing the treatments with some nutritional changes. A certified nutrition counselor can show you how even just a few simple changes, like avoiding sugary drinks, can make a huge difference!

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